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What’s All This About Weather Helm?

What’s All This About Weather Helm? Exploring One of Life’s Great Mysteries. By Kim Miller “Set up for slight weather helm” “Lee helm is a dangerous way to balance your boat” Have you ever heard these statements? What do they mean? And is there anything that I need to do to my Hobie to fit … Continue reading

“No Slop” Rudder Rudder tuning tips

Towards the “No Slop” Rudder Rudder tuning tips by David Hall It’s sad but there are many Hobie sailors who don’t even know they’re having problems with their rudder and tillers. They think the way their boat came from the factory must be optimum. Picture a situation where you’re leaving the beach. Your rudders are, … Continue reading

Restoring Worn Rudder Castings

By Kim Miller If your rudder castings are worn to the point where they will no longer stay in the UP position, Here’s something you might try: The tiller piece normally sits over the bottom rudder cheek plates and locks in because of the shape of the two contact surfaces. On older boats, these parts … Continue reading

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