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Race Update

Week 1 …And they’re off!

(reprinted from the Newsletter)

The 2012 sailing season started out with a high intensity race. There was plenty of drama, including Chief Marshal Drew Reeves being missing in action in Barrie until shortly before the race, equipment failures and high winds. Fortunately at the eleventh hour, Drew remembered that after a few beers at the wrap-up dinner last year, he had graciously volunteered to come back as Chief Marshal for a second year and Drew convinced Murray Sanders to marshal the race. Thanks go out to Murray for agreeing to marshal at the last minute. Thanks also to Bob Lytle for setting up the race course and apologies for taking him away from his Hobie repairs. The race started late, but two Hobie’s still managed to be late for the starting line and missed the start by a few minutes … sorry Bob. There were 7 boats out for the first race of the season, including 4 Hobies and 3 Lasers. Both the course, as well as the winds favoured the Hobie’s and first place honours went to the last Hobie standing crewed by Steve & Carrie Fellows (24:13). (Editor’s note: As a completely unbiased observer, I have to say Steve sailed an almost flawless race for his first victory in several years, despite the Hobie friendly course and weather.) Honourable mentions go to Heather Sanders (29:54) for her second place finish and Emily Fellows and Tanis Sanders (37:02) who took the bronze position. Both these boats had to battle hard against the high winds and the Hobie friendly course. Four other boats also battled it out for the first lap, but had to retire due to either equipment failures or nervous crews. Here’s a reminder for next year to check out the rigging and go for a test sail prior to the race.

We are looking for race marshals for most of the weekends this summer. Please contact Drew Reeves as soon as possible by email at Drew.Reeves@msanet.com or at the cottage at 705-645-5660. Drew marshaled many of the races last year, so please volunteer as soon as possible to reduce the burden on Drew. Sailing socials are currently scheduled for July 21st at Jennifer and Sean Buckley’s (Milne Rd. north shore) on July 21st and August 11th at the Sandra and Laurie Reinsborough’s (Milne Rd. north shore). If you are interested in hosting a social, please contact Sue or Bob Lytle by email at blytle@torontohydro.com or at the cottage at 705-646-0012. See you at the starting line at 2pm (sharp) next week.

Regards, Steve
(Commodore’s husband and unbiased observer)

2012 Points Standings

Fellows, S&C (Hobie)


Sanders, H (Laser)


Fellows, E & Sanders, T (Laser)


Beech, Len (Hobie)


Lytle (Hobie)


Grant (Hobie)


Buckley, J&A (Laser)


Sanders, M




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