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Sudbury girl makes good – Get’s the key to the city.

Wood Lake  – Summer ’11 –  I remember years ago, Jane Reeves asking me to rig her laser so she could learn to steer it in the wind. We watched her sitting on the wrong side, boom hitting her in the head…  wait a second.. that wasnt years ago, it was a few weeks ago! It was a bad show… But man did she have awesome racing gloves.

This was a girl with a dream.. a racing dream. A mere few weeks ago I remember encouraging Jane to finish a race where she was dead last… a mile from the pack long finished. “Jane!” I said… “look at those beautiful racing gloves you have… you owe it to them to finish what you started.” Jane starred me down and said...” I am an Islander and Islanders don’t quit.. now get your boat back to the mark and make me a finish line.”

Jane was frustrated with her skills. Last place can beat a lot of people up. “Jane”, I said… “stick with it.. and one day you will pass the supreme test”. ” Supreme test? you mean win the Championship?” Jane said… “No”  I replied. “The greatest victory will be the first day you beat Bob and the green menace. Sure the winning the championship is fun, but its beating the old master at his own game where true victory awaits… The day you beat Bob, is the day you know how to sail. This is the day we will call you  “Captain”.

Janes eyes sparkled at the thought,… her new racing gloves were shiny and stiff from lack of use…

“One day… CAPTAIN!”

I turned back to walk up the path and thought.. “yeah right… whatever… if your head isnt cracked open from multiple boom hits first..”

So this is the lesson of the day kids.. gather round to hear me now and listen to me later… NEVER GIVE UP!

The winner of Race 7 hails from Sudbury Ontario! Not since they unveiled the big Nickel has Sudbury been so proud. From the depths of the deepest mines… from the barren landscape where they tested the first moon car (because when you get to the moon and you’re American, you need a car ..) JANE, JANE, JANE! they shout your name. You have defeated the great one! You have arrived! It’s a Sudbury Saturday Night!!!  and a wooo-hooo to you madam.

On a side note…. as much as we were using the Portsmouth handicapping system for Race 7, let it be known and forever recorded on Al Gore’s “Internets”…. that Jane beat bob straight up. Boat to boat. She crossed the line first not requiring her handicapping. Well done Jane!   I mean.. “CAPTAIN” .

Here are your results: Race 7



2 thoughts on “Sudbury girl makes good – Get’s the key to the city.

  1. Blake – you are ridiculous but very entertaining. You missed your calling. You’d make a great novelist!

    Posted by jane | August 30, 2011, 12:15 pm
  2. My husband, Denis, is from Sudbury. You’ve made us very proud Jane!

    Posted by Donna | August 30, 2011, 7:59 pm

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