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Hello Everyone,

Are you following us on Twitter?: http://twitter.com/#!/WLSC_RaceUpdate
This is where you can speak to other members… as well as the executive. Just ask me for help if you need it.
Sue Lytle is the social convener this year… and she will be contacting the membership for Social volunteers. I understand that some people volunteered at last years wrap up? Sue will be in touch if that was you!
PRACTICE! – markers will be out this weekend (Sat) in a tight course in the largest section of the lake. Welcome everyone! We will be working on turning around a very tight course.
Marker maintenance – going well now that we have switched paint brands…. should be beautiful for Race #1. They need a finishing coat yet to go…
Lessons? – Bob and Len spoke about sailing lessons last year??? Is this offer still good? Please contact me to publish a schedule if so!
WLSC Shits and hats: I have a line on some WLSC swag… looking at a navy blue old school ball cap …. and white shirts with logos. If you have a connection to help us save some money.. please speak up!
Pricng looks to be around $15 each with any profits going to the club.
The hats are classic worn chino style – kinda looks like an old hat of your dad’s that you found in the boathouse… the picture below the logo version is of the look.
This is the actual (not yet logo’d) hat style below…


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