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Meeting Minutes

2010 Post Meeting notes – from GSP


No doubt you have heard from Drew that we had a good wrap up meeting. And thanks for staying on next year!!

I read out your ideas and there was good discussion that I will let Drew fill you in on.

Highlights/passed motions (more properly formatted and to come from Glenda Laidlaw including who won what which I have not listed because I will get it wrong):

Len Beech and Bill Lytle to teach four sailing lessons to juniors on the Beech beach. When the kids attend the second lesson, they get a learn to sail book paid for by the WLSC

Four junior races at 1:00 pm on four Saturdays of which best three count toward winning the Ray Porter Memorial WLSCJunior Trophy

Mark Quemby is getting all the trophies updated (one time offer)

Reinstate the WLCA  Junior Sailing Trophy (Hurlbut) at the annual Wood Lake Cottagers’ Association Regatta

The Rick Porter Memorial Trophy for the first catamarran to finish at the WLCA Regatta has been found and will be given out going forward (Congrats – you won it this year!)

Key racing rules will be sent out with the first newsletter and available as photocopies at the junior lessons and first social (GSP putting together)

Agreed to buy a new starting horn and stop watch

Karen (my wife who designed the WLSC logo) was requested to put together ball cap, hoodie and T-shirt looks and the meeting voted to have members view the designs and order electronically, paying before delivery.

Sue Lytle is Social Convener – 4 socials already committed too (Stanley-Pauls, Buckleys, Fellows, Lytles)

Drew is Chief Marshal

Carrie Fellows is 1st Vice

Carter Sanders is 2nd Vice (with his parents agreement – He will be the youngest ever Commodore (17) and it counts toward school merits)

I think that covers the highlights.

Fire away with any questions.





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